PEZ Information
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Country of OriginThere is a little number in the corner of the stem of your dispenser!  This number shows what country the pez was made in!
1 Hungary - Austria
2 Austria - Hong Kong
3 Hungary - Austria
4 Austria
5 Slovenia - Yugoslavia
6 China - Hong Kong
7 Austria
8 Austria
V Yugoslavia

PEZ Timeline Chronology

Patent Numbers: Various changes in designs over the years has resulted in several different patent numbers. This makes it relatively easy to determine an age range of the PEZ dispenser. Since the numbers are in the millions, it has become easier to describe the differences with just the 1st 2 numbers (3.9 instead of 3,942,683)
2,620,061 - patented Dec. 2, 1952
3,410,455 - patented Nov. 12, 1968
3,432,074 - patented Mar. 11, 1969
3,845,882 - patented Nov. 5, 1974
3,942,683 - patented Mar. 9, 1976
4,966,305 - patented Oct. 30, 1990
5,984,285 - patented Nov. 16, 1999
PEZ Display StabilityFeet vs No Feet:  When PEZ dispensers first appeared, they had no feet. Adding feet was an innovation that allowed the dispensers to be more easily displayed.  The first feet were added in 1987 and were rather thin and are now known as "Thin feet". Subsequent designs have made the feet much thicker. See below...
The thickness difference is obvious.

Trucks and Hearts have never had feet. Trucks are displayed flat "on their wheels" and have no need for feet.  To describe trucks as having "no feet" is rather silly.  
Hearts are often used in fancy baskets and the feet make it difficult for basket arrangers - thus the feet were left off and remain off to this day.  

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